Review: RooR 18" 9mm Beaker

By: Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock

The Roor 18" Too Blue Beaker: For hearty lungs and heartier pulls!

The OG of High End Glass is Still King

Back in the day when a friend would get a new bong or piece, they would call me to come try it out. I always felt honored and loved being that person. Well now I’m getting the same call but now I get to review the bongs! So today we are testing out the Roor 18″ Beaker with 9mm glass! This is an older piece that my friend has kept in great condition that it still looks brand new. That’s why it’s wise to take care of them. 

Roor was started in 1995 by German Glass blower Martin Birzle. Just like German automobiles Roor’s glass is top of the line – and revolutionary. Birzle engineered many firsts: ice pinches, diffused downstems and more while committing to never mass-produce his glass.

Let’s get into why I liked this piece!

For openers the 18″ Too Blue Beaker was a substantial piece: when you lift it, you know it’s not only solid, but when one looks at the joint between beaker and yoke weld is perfectly fused. Speaking of joints, all peripherals (ash catcher, downstem, bowl) are more sealed than a Flex Tape commercial. The main beaker’s main chamber is designed for maximum cooling and filtration, which has already gone through the diffused downstem and ash catcher’s filtration. The draw gave way to a sensation of tastes –  terpenes as the cultivar intended – and smoke cooled down by all the water in that beast of a beaker.

There Are Two Main Features That I Love.

Alien OG Ash Catcher

The Roor Beaker provided a big beautiful clean hit that I would love to pull out and show off.

The Alien OG Ash Catcher kept the Beaker particle free and looks dope!

What I loved about this Roor in particular was all the attachments that my friend had with it. The pink diffused downstem, the ash catcher, and the dichro bowl. The ash catcher had a nice black glass on the clear which blended well. What I loved most is a clear sketch on the ash catcher. If you look closely you can see a hand making a peace sign, which is what the plant gives to us, a moment of peace. The perfect final touch is the massive, deep bowl! This allows you to pack a party bowl for everyone or a massive bowl to get you schmacked for hours. Either way it’s a good time! 

Overall I really enjoyed the piece. It provided a big beautiful clean hit that I would love to pull out and show it off. I do think the older Roors are better quality glass, so if you come across a good one grab it. If you are looking for a new piece I would look at some other brands but they still have some beautiful ones. Make sure to check out my reviews on the J1 from Team Elite Genetics and the French Alps from CBX. Both were amazing through this piece! 

Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock has been in the California cannabis industry for 5 years. After toiling in dispensaries, tour companies, an edibles brand, Shaggy has started his own brand, the popular “Shagwhelin’s Way” channel on YouTube. When Shaggy isn’t online he’s behind the counter at Cannabist in PB.
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