Summer is High Season for On-The-Go Vape Pens

Take a trip with Shaggy with his summer vape review.

Since summer is high season for on-the-go vape pens, today we are twisting it up and instead of flower I will be reviewing 5 vape cartridge. Some will be a normal 510 battery (screw on) and others will be disposable.  

I will be using the Vuber Pulse Drop battery for all my 510 thread cartridges, that way there is as little variation as possible. Also if you haven’t heard of the Vuber battery or tried it, you need to. It adjusts its voltage to each cart so it has the most optimal taste and punch, to get the most out of your cartridge! 

As someone who smokes flower, all day everyday, you will be getting my perspective of what I would use on vacation when I don’t have access to flower like I do in San Diego.

Cold Fire (Mona Lisa):

The first vape I tried out was one I’m familiar with and our best seller at Cannabist, Cold Fire! What I love about Cold Fire is that they know their strengths. They are some of the best carts I know because their extraction process is incredible. 

Great taste and punch and they collab with the best flower companies such as Blueprint, Blem, and many more. This time I decided to try the Mona Lisa, a nice sativa dominant hybrid strain from the flower company Foreign. 

This cart had a strong diesel punch in the beginning, that gave a slight burn in my nostril, followed by a sweet citrusy after taste. It immediately sent a tingle to my temple. The feeling of a snug beanie laying on your head. This gave me a nice uplifting euphoric feeling that would be perfect for a vacation and soaking in the moment! 

Overall this was a great cartridge and Coldfire never disappoints me! 

Cre8tive Labs (Candy Runtz):

When I pulled out this disposable, I enjoyed the shape and size of the cart. It was small enough to fit in my hand but big enough to see the window and how much wax was still inside. 

I also enjoy that the strain is on the cart as well. I’ll have multiple carts on vacation and sometimes forget which ones are which. So being labeled makes it easier. 

I didn’t really like the flavor of the cart. It was very earthy and not a good flavor for the first few pulls. After the first 2-3 then the sweetness came out from the runtz however was still blended with the earthy taste. It was smooth to pull tho. 

The high was a nice relaxing hybrid. Not to knock you out but definitely relax after work and do a few little chores, like doing a load of laundry or something easy and putting on a podcast or show in the background. I did not find it creative however and would target different strains to go more with the cre8tive label!

Turn (Gone Bananas):

When I pulled out the Turn Disposable, it reminded me a lot of the cre8tive label disposables. The one thing I liked was it was about half the size of it but also had a bigger window to see how much oil was left.  

This size allows it to fit in the little coin pocket of your jeans, or along with your keys or phone without it being bulky. With the name of the strain gone bananas, that this was going to be overly sweet and almost fake taste like a banana runts candy.

 However I’m glad I was wrong! The flavor was fantastic to all my banana lovers. It tasted just like a banana smoothie, natural and refreshing. The taste sets you in the mood for an uplifting high. It gives you a boost of energy to do something fun. 

A night on the town, going to an amusement park, or just making you want to dance. Overall it was a fantastic high and definitely blew my expectations out of the water.

Ghost (Blueberry Dream)

Blueberry Dream (Ghost) My first thought was damn this box is hard to open. Even pressing the button it was very tough to slide open. I would find a better way to package your vape for your elderly customers. 

When I pulled it out, the look reminded me of those popular nicotine vape. I Have seen multiple companies start to copy this vape model. It’s smart because it gives something someone is familiar with. 

When I took a hit, it had a sweet blueberry taste. It was tasty, however it reminded me more of candy instead of cannabis. Some people might love this but to me it just tasted fake and like they had to add a lot of terpenes to create the flavor. 

The high was a more calm creative high. I think taking a nice walk, reading, painting,  and activities that allow the creative juices to flow while relaxing. 

This would definitely be a cart for those just entering the industry, or the younger crowd.

Vuber (Tangie):

The last cart was actually the one that came with the Vuber battery, Tangie. Vuber also makes Super Silver Haze, Lemon Haze and Green Banana. 

It had a metal tip which I haven’t seen in awhile. It reminded me of a Kingpin cart but was better. Vuber’s battery makes sure the cart has the optimal voltage giving you the best flavor. This cart had a mild taste but smooth. 

It has a distinct citrus flavor on it. I think this has a flavor everyone can enjoy but not being anyone’s favorite. I think it’s a blend that can satisfy the sweet crowd or more the gassy og crowd as well. The high was nice and soothing. 

I think this is perfect right after you have finished your chores or work. Or a day you just want to wind down and watch a show or go get some food. Not knocking you out but a way to unwind after getting some projects accomplished and a way to reward yourself like a single beer after work. Satisfying!


Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock has been in the California cannabis industry for 5 years. After toiling in dispensaries, tour companies, an edibles brand, Shaggy has started his own brand, the popular “Shagwhelin’s Way” channel on YouTube. When Shaggy’s not online he’s helming the counter at Cannabist in PB.
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