Basics of Bong Hygiene

It doesn’t take much time or money to keep a piece clean, from bowl to downstem to bong.

I know I want to smell and taste the toasted flower exactly as the grower intended when they developed the strain. So why would I smoke that gorgeous bud through anything but a clean piece?

 Look at it like drinking water: You want it as clean as humanly possible.

It doesn’t take much time or money to keep a piece clean, from bowl to downstem to bong.

Step-By-Step: Bringing your bong back to like-new condition:

Step 01

All you need is some cleaner, a means of sealing off your piece, water to rinse, and a set of brushes. That’s it: you’ll soon be back to the best tasting, delectable rips of your life.

To start, Let your piece soak in warm water. You can leave the downstem and bowl in the piece. Just seal off the bowl and fill with hot water.

Step 02

Now carefully remove the bowl piece and pour some cleaner into the downstem.

Step 03

Now pour the solution directly down the bong’s neck until that same downstem is partially submerged.

Step 04

Then carefully work a brush down the downstem. The outer portion also builds up film, so brush that down too. Now carefully add the bowl and add even less cleaner. Again, using a smaller brush, scrub the bowl – and stem – so the brush hits all sides. Carefully remove and set aside on a safe drying area. Do the same with the downstem and set aside.

Step 05

Then cap off the joint and mouth piece and – with a firm grip – give a few shakes. Turn your piece upside down. Having a firm grip, gently shake your bong, for less than a minute. Again, the more often you clean, the quicker these steps are and less cleaner used.

Step 06

Now empty the solution from the main piece and begin to rinse. The sediment is always the last to come out, so make sure it’s all been thoroughly rinsed. You should not feel anything slimy, just clean glass. (Hint: consider reusing the solution for cleaning your bowls. Just use a prescription bottle for a quick bath for those cool slides…

Step 07

Now just wipe down the piece with a soft towel. And remember: Wet bongs break hearts.


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