CalPrime Cultivation X Farmers Cup:
Donny Burger

By: Shaggy Bullock

CalPrime Cultivation X Farmers Cup: Donny Burger: "This week I was excited to try the launch of Farmers Cup flower and they started it off right with the Donny Burger!"

If you don’t know about the San Diego Farmers Cup, they have put on so many great judging and public cannabis events. They always throw the biggest 420 and 710 events in SoCal. I have worked with them on these events along with more such as SubversivBJJ and Earth Day.


I was ecstatic when they launched their flower brand, so let’s get into it. 

"...senses are greeted with a robust earthy aroma, underscored by hints of gas."

Donny Burger, an indica-dominant strain born from the union of Han Solo and GMO, delivers a potent and calming experience. Known for its stress-relieving and pain-soothing properties, this strain beckons users into a tranquil realm of deep relaxation.

The buds of Donny Burger showcase the classic indica characteristics, with dense and tightly packed flowers. The trichome-laden nugs often glisten with a frosty layer, hinting at the potent effects within.

Upon opening a jar of Donny Burger, the senses are greeted with a robust earthy aroma, underscored by hints of gas. The combination of these scents creates a rich and inviting profile, setting the stage for the experience to come.

CalPrime Cultivation X Farmers Cup Donny Burger

Total THCa: 32.21%

Total Cannabinoids: 30.14%

Total THC: 28.84%

Total CBG: 1.2%

Total CBD: .1%

Total Terpenes: 1.26%

Tested by Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs

"CalPrime/Farmers Cup Donny Burger earns its place as a top-tier indica strain: 4.2 Flames out of 5!"

The taste of Donny Burger mirrors its aroma, delivering a flavorful experience that resonates with earthy notes and a pronounced gas undertone. The smoke is smooth, making it an enjoyable strain for those who appreciate a well-balanced flavor profile.

Donny Burger is a reliable ally for stress relief, gently washing away tension and leaving users in a state of profound relaxation. Its indica dominance ensures a soothing body high, making it an excellent choice for those seeking pain relief or simply aiming to unwind after a long day. As the effects deepen, users may find themselves drifting into a restful sleep, making this strain a potential remedy for insomnia.

For indica enthusiasts and those in search of a reliable relaxation aid, Donny Burger proves to be a standout strain. Its well-rounded effects, complemented by a delightful earthy and gassy flavor profile, make it a go-to choice for a calming evening or a restful night’s sleep.

In conclusion, Donny Burger earns its place as a top-tier indica strain, offering a delightful combination of therapeutic benefits and a truly enjoyable sensory experience. I give it a 4.2 out of 5 Flames. Great first strain to start your flower brand with. Can’t wait to try the next ones and make sure to keep and eye out for the Farmers cup flower!

CalPrime x Farmers Cup Donny Burger Available At:

San Diego:

Chula Vista/IB:


Lemon Grove:



La Mesa:


Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock has been in the California cannabis industry for 5 years. After toiling in dispensaries, tour companies, an edibles brand, Shaggy has started his own brand, the popular “Shagwhelin’s Way” channel on YouTube. When Shaggy’s not online he’s helming the counter at Cannabist in PB.

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