Review: The Hitoki Saber

By: Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock

The Hitoki Saber: The World's First Portable Laser Bong

Sleek design and clean rips!

The Saber is an eye-popping mobile flower vape from the same team that blew minds last year with the Hitoki Trident. This device is amazing and I’m excited to tell you why I loved it!

First off, the presentation and packaging. As one of my first unboxings it had everything you wanted. The device arriving in one piece is most important! They did a great job securing everything to make sure nothing gets broken.

I love the touch of the letter from the owners of the company, making you feel like part of the team or family. The Saber itself came in a sleek cylindrical box, resembling one of a really nice liquor bottle. The added accessories of packer and de bowler was a nice surprise to come along with the device. The QR code makes it easy to understand how to use the product you received.

There Are Two Main Features That I Love.

The improvements I would like to see on the device is an easier way to pack your flower without having to unscrew it or have a bigger chamber to pack more bud..

These are very minimal issues and would not stop me from purchasing the Hitoki Saber.

Overall I give this device a 4.8 out of 5 flames! It’s quite a smart looking device and is on the cutting edge of technology for flower smokers! This allows flower smokers to keep up with dabbers on the technological side. It goes for $329.99 which keeps it in the range of a Puffco Peak and Pro. I think this is a great device to invest in if you are a huge flower smoker like myself!

Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock has been in the California cannabis industry for 5 years. After toiling in dispensaries, tour companies, an edibles brand, Shaggy has started his own brand, the popular “Shagwhelin’s Way” channel on YouTube.

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