Review: Storz & Bickel Mighty+ Vaporizer

By: Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock

Storz & Bickel Mighty+ Vaporizer: "The Mighty+ gives a smooth hit. Easier on the throat and lungs."

Welcome back to another review. This week we are trying out a new device called the Mighty+ Vaporizer. This is a vape for your dry herb or flower. I have only used a couple flower vapes in my life and both were back in college so it was nice to try and see how they have advanced. The ones in college I tried was the little box vape with a battery on the side. Most of you might know what I’m talking about. They are in almost every smoke shop. The other one I tried was the volcano which is from the same company that makes these MIGHTY+ Vape. Let’s get into the review. 

First off, I love the size of it. Very portable and easy on the go to fill. It can fit in a deep pocket or small bag and is  very tough and durable. You could probably drop this a couple times before it’s damaged. I’m not saying you should but it’s more like an old school Nokia than it is a razor phone haha. What I also like about it is that it’s easy to fill and empty the chamber. This makes it accessible so I don’t have to take the whole device apart. This was easier to pack than the Hitoki I have reviewed before. 

I  loved the battery life on this vape. It charges quickly and has about a 2 hour battery life.  This gives you a full day or night of activities when out and about. Either on a hike or a night on the town this vape will last the whole time! I also really enjoyed the high and effectiveness . The Mighty+ gives a smooth hit. Easy on the throat and lungs and barely makes you cough. Way smoother than hitting a bong. It was a nice climb more than a rush like other devices. The Mighty + vape was very easy to set the temperature with a digital reader on the side. This allowed me to change the temperature to adjust to the effect I was looking for. At 180 degrees Celsius it gave it a smoother, lighter hit. Perfect to start the day. If you turned it up to 200-205 you got more of a burn allowing bigger and deeper pulls. Great for winding down your day! It also got up to set temperature very quickly, only taking 5-10 secs from cold or off to being able to pull and use it. 

Overall I think this is a really good product. I think it provides an easy to use device for beginners or experienced users. This is a perfect device for new smokers and medical patients because of how smooth it hits. I also do not enjoy the taste of vaped weed. Unfortunately with my taste buds, vaping it has made all the weed taste the same, or at least from the devices I have tried. I give the Mighty + a rating of 4.0 flames out of 5. I enjoyed the high, smoothness, accessibility, and how portable it was. I think as a personal vape especially for active lifestyles this is one of the better flower vapes I have seen. If it’s more for at home I would suggest a volcano or Hitoki.


Catch me next week for my next strain review and have a happy 420! 


Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock has been in the California cannabis industry for 5 years. After toiling in dispensaries, tour companies, an edibles brand, Shaggy has started his own brand, the popular “Shagwhelin’s Way” channel on YouTube. When Shaggy isn’t online he’s behind the counter at Cannabist in PB.

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