Socially Equitable Cannabis Program Small Group Outreach – ADDITIONAL MEETING DATES AVAILABLE

Dear Interested Stakeholder,

We want to hear from you! The County of San Diego Planning & Development Services (PDS) will be holding virtual small group meetings from April 18, 2023, to May 2, 2023, for different stakeholder groups. This is part of the second phase of public outreach for specific topics to be included in the Socially Equitable Cannabis Program, as directed by the Board of Supervisors. The specific topics include cannabis facility design guideline checklists, limits, or caps on the number of cannabis facilities, defining cannabis events, and the establishment of a Community Equity Contribution Program.

Each small group meeting will have the same presentation and format. Please use the links below to attend the meeting that most closely fits your interests or affiliations.

It was brought to our attention that there are potential conflicts with the 4/20 meeting date. In response we have added an additional meeting date for Cannabis Businesses and Advocates on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.


If you would like interpretation services available at the meeting, please contact Dara Elkurdi in your preferred language at by April 7, 2023.


For more information about the Socially Equitable Cannabis Program, please visit this link:  Project Website


Be sure to subscribe to the Cannabis Program email list to receive Program updates and announcements about upcoming outreach activities.

If you have any questions, please contact Dara Elkurdi at or at the following phone number:

(858) 505-6677.

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