San Diego Grower Develops Cannabis Strain for Lupus Relief

37 years ago, Tam McDonough was working as a chemical lab technician for a Nephrologist in Chattanooga TN.  One morning, Tam showed up to work with with rash like markings on her cheeks, and her employer immediately noticed.

“I was working for Dr. Jackson Yium, he was a well known Nephrologist in Chattanooga, TN when I formed the butterfly rash, and he sent me to Dr. Richard Paty, a Rheumatologist. We all worked in the same professional building in Erlanger Hospital.”

An hour later McDonough had bloodwork done and ultimately diagnosed with Lupus. For 28 years, she followed traditional treatment for Lupus, which had attacked her immune system. She was constantly on guard against infections of any kind.

Over the years she took a staggering array of prescriptions including Hydroxychloroquine, Prednisone, Azathioprine (Imuran), Alopurinol, Tramadol and Tylenol 3. The number of daily pills could sometimes reach 36. However, these prescriptions were only treating the symptoms. The side effects were devastating, She was immune to vitamins, had heart palpitations and horrific sweats, gained weight, dizziness was a constant struggle, and she suffered long bouts of horrible brain fog

Feeling like traditional medicine were hurting more than the lupus, and desperate to feel better, McDonough began researching Holistic Health along with herbal remedies because in reality, “our ancestors were not able to run to ‘modern’ pharmacies (Walmart, CVS, etc.), they relied on nature and natural remedies so why shouldn’t we?”

9 years ago McDonough had a mental breakthrough. Exhausted from years of heavy medication and resulting brain fog, she began researching alternatives to 3 of the most debilitating drugs. After McDonough enrolled and graduated from THC University, she took advantage of California’s legal cannabis status – and of her chemistry background. She dissected the 3 main traditional meds in hopes of finding comparable strains/remedies and was able to test various strains of cannabis/CBD/cannabinoids. McDonough said “Thankfully, eight long years later, after struggling with setbacks, sicknesses, blood, sweat and tears, Lupies Gold, a three-cultivar strain was developed into one.”

Tam McDonough and SmokeDogg
Tam McDonough Of Lupie’s Gold and husband SmokeDogg, host of the 520Aftermath podcast.

According to her research, Lupie’s Gold would ease pain, decrease inflammation, increase appetite, promote sleep and reduce stress (which is important because stress is one of the major causes of a lupus flare up).

McDonough added since the development of Lupies Gold, “I’ve been big pharma med free, amazing my doctors with great blood work showing total remission, and I  feel alive and thankful to be thriving instead of  just surviving! ”

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