OJ Flame Worked Beaker: “…I was able to get way more of a terpene profile from the OJ Flame…”

Welcome back to my next glass review. This week we got to try out a bong from OJ Flame! Now this is my first time hearing of OJ Flame and I was so excited to try a piece I had no prior knowledge of. Let’s get to it!

Let’s get into why I liked this piece!

The first thing I loved is the design and color. The blend of blue and green looks almost like a turquoise stone. A lot like the stone native americans used in jewelry.  It also reminds me of a painting I had back in Virginia, that was made custom just like each piece. Even though OJ Flame could recreate this piece each one would be slightly different with the way the colors flowed.

What really makes it unique is the touches around the bong!

What really makes it unique is the touches around the bong. On the top and shaft of the bong plus on the handle of the bowl is a dark blue, however if you look closely there is a sparkle in it. This gave me the impression of a starry night sky which is where this bong will send you with the right strain…

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