Frugal Frankie’s Money Saving Cannabis Tips

It’s no secret buying high end cannabis products can be expensive. Visiting a dispensary without planning and buying 3 ⅛’s can set you back $200 plus tip easily.

That said, I’ve walked out with 4 ⅛’s of epic fresh flower for 1/2 that. How?

Research product information and availability

For example I know Cannabist in Pacific Beach offers 30% off before 9 AM M-F. I also know they sometimes carry ½ ounce bags of my favorite strain, Wonderbrett’s Pink Picasso smalls for $100. Arrive before 9AM on any weekday and poof, I’m out the door for less than $100 including a meaningful tip. (ALWAYS tip your budtender!)

Tax Free Promotions
Other significant discounts include March and Ash’s “No Tax Tuesdays”.
1st Time Customer Discounts

Nearly every dispensary offers a discount to new customers. The Healing Center San Diego  in Mission Valley offers a robust step up program for new customers: 35% off first visit, 30% off second visit and 25% off the third visit.

Other deals are often announced on Grower and Dispensary social media platforms too. Wellgreens just had a Blem takeover day with significant discounts on all Blem products.

BRING CASH: While some dispensaries have provisions for paying with a debit card, the vast majority accept cash as the primary means of payment. So a quick way to save $4 with every transaction is to visit your bank’s ATM before heading out. Those ATM’s in dispensary lobbies are generally an expensive way to get cash that is already yours!

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