No. 8 San Diego, CA

Leafly this week announced its ranking of the best US Cannabis Cities, and San Diego came in 8th nationally, and 2nd in California only to Sacramento.  Portland topped this year’s list, with Los Angeles and San Francisco slotting in at 9th and 10th respectively. Not a bad showing considering our reputation for cannabis consumption rather than cannabis production. Here’s what Leafly had to say about America’s Finest City:

The sun-drenched surf wonderland land of Jeff Spicoli takes eighth place in the country’s best weed cities. The city is still ramping up on licensing stores, but the ones that are open are really good, and deliver it to your door across the region. Average top-shelf ounces run $270 and falling. San Diegans love their herb, their tacos, their nature trails, and music clubs. No one is surprised to see San Diego shredding the gnar on this list.



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