The Largest Flower Selection by Dispensary/Region


Wondering where the best 1st Time Customer discounts are? We’ve done the research, and the results are in. Verified between December 15 and 31 2022 by store visits, phone/email surveys, and dispensary websites, we contacted every licensed dispensary in the county. As Encinitas, National City and Santee come on board, we’ll update this space, as we will with updated information. Know something we should be aware of?







Many factors go into choosing a cannabis dispensary. And there are many good reasons to visit a small dispensary: Budtenders are more likely to know their product really well for one. Location and value also come into play. But at some point, selection plays a role in deciding which dispensary to visit. And since it’s an objective means of comparison, we decided to have a go at ranking San Diego County dispensaries on this factor alone.

Research notes: Includes Pre Rolls. Data primarily sourced by dispensary websites. Data collected Jan 25-30 2023.

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