Every 6 months San Diego Cannabis Times surveys the county’s 62 licensed retail storefronts in order to get a general feel for trends and health. At the beginning of January local retailers (at the time 61) offered just over 42,000 items in the Flower/Preroll, Edibles, Vape and Concentrate categories. 6 months later, that number rose 11.27% to 47,377.

In the 4 categories we studied, Edibles stock showed the highest increases with a 14.5% increase while Flower products (including prerolls) grew at just 5.84%. Vape cartridges grew an impressive 12.66% with Concentrates showing gains of 11.09%.

Largest Flower Selection by Dispensary/Region

Largest Edibles Selection by Dispensary/Region

Largest Vape Selection by Dispensary/Region

Largest Concentrates Selection by Dispensary/Region

2 factors in 2023 worth mentioning:

1.) Chula Vista added HerbNJoy since the last study so no comparison is available.

2.) Ramona saw a transfer in license from Releaf Meds to Off The Charts. OTC’s stocking strategy differs vastly from the previous licensee, and is reflected in the Ramona rankings.

*Research notes: Data primarily sourced by dispensary websites. Data collected June 1-7, 2023.


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