Publisher’s note: In response to a recent video making the rounds on social media (wherein Off The Charts CEO Norman Yousif seemingly embraces the idea of stiffing “these fu@k!ng mom and pops” as a viable business strategy) he released the following statement:

Off the Charts (“OTC”) is a family run business that has been a member of the cannabis community for more than seven years, having grown to substantial size in partnership with its many vendors and loyal customers. We are loyal to our vendors and they have been loyal to us, allowing OTC to continue its growth. Our growth and success speaks for itself and would be impossible without excellent vendor and customer relationships.

I take personal accountability and apologize for the impact my words have had on members of the cannabis community. Regardless of context, the nature in which these words were spoken is inexcusable and does not reflect me personally or the OTC brand.

Detractors have falsely characterized the 20 second video snippet of a nearly one-hour conversation to imply that
OTC does not pay its vendors. However, the truth is that OTC always has and will continue to pay all of its vendors in the ordinary course of business.

I apologize to those who have been hurt by my carelessness, and I plead that we all find a way to channel our frustrations in a way that allows something positive to come of this. If that is not possible, I minimally ask that you properly keep your anger directed at me and not at Off the Charts’ family of employees and partners.

My sincerest appreciation and thanks go out to everyone who has offered their support to OTC over the past few days. Off the Charts will continue to make efforts to improve as a company and to ensure all our partners are being respected in the manner in which they deserve. Moving forward, I vow to do everything within my power to continue to protect Off the Charts’ family while rebuilding any trust that has been lost.


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