Northern Emeralds: WTF OG

By: Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock

The first thing I noticed when given the jar was the name. WTF OG definitely got my attention.

If you’ve got to have the funk, WTF OG is what you need

I started to look at the jar more. I like that it’s clear so you can really see the buds. The flipside of this is that if a dispensary puts their jars by a bunch of light consistently it could change the look of the nugs. I would suggest adding a box where the jar is easily accessible so people can pull out to see the buds but where light doesn’t affect it. I then looked at the percentages. THC % are usually skewed or can have different results depending on the lab they brought it to. As long as its over 25% I really don’t care about the THC percentage, and a lot of people in the industry will tell you the same.

I like to look at the terpenes and total cannabinoid % when I’m looking at the numbers. The terpenes will tell me a lot more about the way the bud will make me feel than the percentage or name of the strains. The WTF OG is supposed to be a Hybrid more indica dominant. I found this as more of a straight hybrid. The OG definitely had some relaxing effects on the body, however the dominant terpene is LImonene! This terpene is great for creativity, uplifting effects, and more cerebral consciousness. This is perfect for during the day, but if I smoke at night it tends to keep my mind racing. Also the numbers didn’t quite add up. Its 36% thc, .4% cbd, and 2.88% terpenes but the total cannabinoid percentage is 37%. Just a quick double check would help this. For packaging I give it 3⁄5 flames. Really good presence, love they include terpenes, but I would look more at the numbers and add a box to protect from light.

Second thing is the appearance. It has a nice light green color, beautiful red pistols ( hairs) and a beautiful trichome structure.

It was about 3-4 nugs to create the 1/8 . This allows a mix of good size nugs without involving a lot of stems. I actually prefer this over the 1 large nug or the tiny nugs. When I opened the jar it gave off a nice gas/ OG smell with a slight sweetness. I usually prefer the old school gas , skunk, kush styles, but It was nice having just a little sweetness. When I smoke it gives me that gas/earthy taste at the beginning then a blueberry taste on the end. I would give the appearance a ⅘ flames. Good bud structure and look. The taste is great for everyone, the ones who like the old school and the ones who like sweeter strains like Gelato and Biscotti.

Northern Emeralds Strains are available at THC SDThe Grove, Hikei, LitMankind, Grasshopper, Element 7, MedMen Sorrento Valley 


WTF OG is the funkiest OG you will ever encounter. The aroma is a loud, piney, gassy OG that absolutely slaps. If you’ve got to have the funk, WTF OG is what you need. Packed with terpenes and full of flavor and stoniness, WTF OG is special.

Finally the most important and the reason we use cannabis, how was the HIGH? It was a great feeling however different from what I was expecting.

The cross for this strain is Legendary OMG( Legendary Kush x GMO) x Titan OG. So I was expecting a heavy indica or body high. It did relax my lower back pain but at no time did I feel the heaviness I expect from an Indica. I smoked it all day. It gave me a great uplifting effect. Great for working, socializing, and help writing this review. I find it has more of a hybrid even sativa leaning. I this is perfect for a day at the beach or zoo. I think Northern Emeralds should go over this product and re-label it because of the high amounts of Limonene, but flower effects everyone different so I hope you give this strain a try and see for yourself. For the effects itself i give it a ⅘ but have to deduct a little for their labeling compared to the effects the suggested.

Overall I give the WTF OG a 3.9 out of 5 flames. I think they could use improvement from their packaging and labeling.

I also looked up Northern Emeralds’ website and they had a good amount of information on the strains and their company which helps budtenders market their product! I think the effect and taste were a great mix of new and old school providing a good daytime bud for production with pain relief! Definitely a strain I would get again and recommend to people. Remember: a 5 means it’s one of my top 5 strains of all time so a 3.9 is really good!

Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock has been in the California cannabis industry for 5 years. After toiling in dispensaries, tour companies, an edibles brand, Shaggy has started his own brand, the popular “Shagwhelin’s Way” channel on YouTube.

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