"Lazy Stoner" to run Rock N Roll Marathon

UPDATE: Shaggy completed the marathon and finished a poetic 4,420th.

Shaggy finished 4,420th

San Diego budtender and influencer Shaggy Bullock has been training for the run of his life, San Diego’s Rock & Roll Marathon on June 2. The Cannabist floor manager known for his groovy podcast series “A Trip Down Stoner Drive“, is motivated for myriad reasons, including debunking the myth of “stoners” being lazy.

Bullock explains: “First it is to prove that the term ‘Lazy Stoner’ is non-existent. Cannabis can help you relax and be calm but if you are lazy it’s because of your lack of motivation and discipline. I have always been the hardest worker at any job I had and I was always the biggest stoner. I didn’t want people to look down on me because I consume cannabis. So I made sure I was the best worker no matter what level or age! If I can do a marathon on 100 times what most people consume, and finish it – will show that understanding tolerance, strains and cannabinoids can actually help with productivity instead of hurt it.”

Shaggy’s Marathon Menu

Shaggy’s Race Day Menu

Bullock will start the race using a sativa dominant full spectrum oil by Friendly, digested orally. All 700 mg of it. And there will be another 700 later in the course. To mere mortals, this amount is unfathomable. Bullock however, has a secret weapon: the CYP2C9 Enzyme. This enzyme in your liver breaks down THC before it enters the bloodstream. “I would never recommend someone consume 1400 mg of thc. Most people’s tolerance to cannabis is 5-10 mg of thc. On the higher end there are people who can take up to 50 maybe even 100 mg of thc but any more a (than that) would freak them out.”

As for his cannabis plan of attack, Along with the aforementioned FSO, Bollock will also being taking 5 bong breaks along the course. At each location, support staff will have a packed bowl waiting, as well as water. “I will be using sativa strains in all of the smoke breaks I take…Sativas take the heaviness off your body and will help on my joints. Throughout the race and after I will be using a THC/CBD rub from Papa and Barkleys. Finally to end the race I will use a heavy indica to relax my body and sooth my muscles.

While Sunday is Shaggy’s first full marathon, but he’s competed in 1/2 marathons with obstacles. “Last year I did complete the The Spartan Trifecta, which included a 5k, 10k , and half marathon while doing over 25 obstacles on each course. That was the toughest athletic challenge I have yet to compete in.”

"Lazy Stoner" to run Rock N Roll Marathon

To stay abreast of Shaggy’s progress Sunday, check out his instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/shagwhelinsway/

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