Fig Farms: Doppelganger

By: Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock

Doppelganger is the first bud I have tried from Fig Tree Farms. When I first got the box I was intrigued.

Fig Farms had nice packaging that caught my eye, plus I had never heard of the strains Purple Fig or Tenderloin. So I was going in with a blind nose and no idea of the effects. The Purple Fig made me think it’s probably a hybrid leaning a little more indica. 

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When I pulled the jar out the bud looked great! It had nice purple leaves...

…along with beautiful red pistols(hairs). The trichomes sparkled on the bud. Looks wise I would give it a nice 4 flames. However when I opened the jar the nose left more to wonder. It didn’t have any terpenes jump out at me. It was earthy, and more of a dirt smell. Not bad, just nothing really there. The buds were nice and dense. A little dry, maybe cured a few days too long. 


Doppelganger is available at California HolisticsMedMen San Diego Kearny Mesa, Body and Mind, Klover


Many years ago, during a Purple Fig F2 pheno hunt, we found a flower with undeniable stale urine terps.  The phenotype’s raw sewage inspired profile was strong enough to induce gagging when smoking it.  We wanted to release the flower to the public, but we lost the cut in the mom room due to a mislabel. We’ve since been searching for a phenotype of Purple Fig F2 with the same terpene profile.  We recently found a phenotype so similar that we were sure it was the same… But then in the final two weeks of flower, our impersonator flower showed us its true form and developed a tropical complexity to go with the terpenes of its missing sister. We named the new Purple Fig F2 phenotype Doppelgänger… same same but different.


Total THC: 33.65%

Total CBD: 0.09%

Lineage: Purple Fig x Romulan x Snow Leopard (which is Chemdawg x Uzbekistan Hash Plant x Afgoo x Blockhead) x #11 (Green Crack x Haze) 

Flavor: sweet grape Goo, Romulan pine, herbaceous stale beer Haze, plus sour wine, and tobacco from Chem and Hash Plant.

Effects: good  for a little break from work or when you get off work and still have some errands to get done.

Fig Farms Doppelganger Up Close

Doppelganger is good for a little break from work or when you get off work and still have some errands to get done.

The taste was like the smell. Just kind of bland. Not bad, just nothing that jumped out at me or anything to leave a distinct smell or taste. The high is more like a hybrid, a little sativa leaning. It takes off the edge a tiny bit while still keeping you functional. Overall I gave it a 3.0 flames out of 5. Not a bad strain, wasn’t too dry, had a decent high. I just think it had nothing to make it stand out over other strains. I would give fig tree another shot, but they are not cracking my top 10.


Shagwhelin “Shaggy” Bullock has been in the California cannabis industry for 5 years. After toiling in dispensaries, tour companies, an edibles brand, Shaggy has started his own brand, the popular “Shagwhelin’s Way” channel on YouTube. When Shaggy’s not online he’s helming the counter at Cannabist in PB.

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