710 Labs: RYLU

By: Charlie Rohlfs

710 Labs: RYLU "...nugs are absolutely covered in shimmering trichomes..."

710 Labs is one of the unquestionable kings of quality in the legal California cannabis market. While they may be predominantly known for their extract, 710 also produces some of the prettiest and smoothest flower around… which brings us to our latest review – RYLU (aka Runtz, aka Runtz Your Life Up) by 710 Labs. Runtz is a hybrid strain renewed for its heavy hitting effects, and sweet flavor profile. So let’s see how it stacks up!


RYLU's Genetics: Runtz (Skittlez X Gelato)

Strain appearance: bud structure, color, trichomes and trim: 10/10

•It’s hard to overstate how beautiful this flower is… it’s almost like seeing an HD image for the first time, after a lifetime of cathode tube distortion. 

•The nugs are absolutely covered in shimmering trichomes that catch the light and draw you in, and the bud itself is a beautiful mix of vibrant green, and deep chocolatey purple. 

The smell test: terpenes and loudness: 8/10 

• Don’t get us wrong, this is some great smelling weed, but it doesn’t quite jump out of the jar when compared to how beautiful the flower is. We were hit with pleasant light gas, and a berry sweetness coming from the Zkittles. 


Primary terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, beta-Caryophyllene

Dry or flying high: how does the bud feel in-hand? 9.5/10


•This batch of RYLU was exceptionally well cured – fluffy and sticky without feeling wet or papery. The flower ground up beautifully, showcasing an even cure throughout the entire bud. 

But how does it smoke? 9.5/10


•Another homerun for 710 Labs! This batch of RYLU smoked incredibly smoothly down to the absolute last drag. The flavors were a bit heavy towards the creamy/Gelato side, but the Z terps provided a nice shot of bright candy – overall a very enjoyable, VERY well cured smoke. 

Strain effects 9.5/10


•Waves of euphoria and joy came on strong within just a few minutes of sparking up, hitting everyone in our little stoner circle a bit different; the extroverts in the group giggled from from topic to topic, while the introverts blissed out and bounced in and out of conversation… and we were rolling up our second joint before

Final verdict: 9/10


•This batch of RYLU  sits firmly in our “buy it when you see it” list – and it has us eager to review other goodies from 710. It’s hard to live up to the hype when you’re one of the biggest names in the business, but 710 Labs rarely disappoints – and you HAVE to respect the amount of care and expertise that goes into every aspect of their operation.  








Total THC: 27.19%

Total CBD: .04%

Flavor: A bit heavy towards the creamy/Gelato side, but the Z terps provided a nice shot of bright candy

Effects: Effective for a short period, but let me energized rather than calm.


710 Labs products are available at:

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La Mesa:



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About the reviewer: Charlie Rohlfs has been with Mankind since 2021 and is an avid social sativa smoker and medical indica consumer. Favorite recent smokes include Chef from Blueprint, Zerbert from SF Cana, XJ-13 from THC Design, and a Lavender Royale he copped from Moss Crossing in Oregon.


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